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Visual Merchandising Display Case Lighting

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Whether you are planning a new store design or simply need to improve the look of your merchandising displays, get the best illumination, color rendering and protection for light sensitive products with PROMOLUX lights.

PROMOLUX Lighting International makes specialized lighting for all display cases, combining the merchandising advantages of superior color rendering with benefits of reduced levels of harmful heat and light emissions and longer shelf life.

PROMOLUX improves all visual marketing displays, especially where superior color balance and protection of colors and surfaces are important, for example, color sensitive art displays, cosmetic counters and fine fabric departments.

PROMOLUX True Balanced Spectrum Lighting for Superior Color Definition

When customers evaluate subtle color distinctions to make purchasing decisions, true color rendering is especially critical. For example, maintaining high sales volumes of specialty goods like cosmetics, fabrics and jewellry depends on providing customers with reliable lighting that does not mislead or disappoint them once they get their purchases into daylight. Consumers are increasingly savvy and avoid selecting colored goods under lighting that is too dim or lamps that artificially enhance colors.

But, just turning up the brightness of your display lamps does not always give better illumination and can introduce problems of glare, color distortion, surface damage and fading. Excessively bright all-purpose lamps actually cause perceptual distortions of color by putting out too much yellow and green portions of the visible spectrum. Additional problems arise when bright all-purpose lighting is used due to high levels of ultraviolet wavelength emissions that cause dye colors to fade or change.

Count on PROMOLUX for specialized displays

  • color balanced illumination
  • minimal effects of heat and light radiation damage
  • alleviate lighting problems of harsh brightness, unbalanced colors and UV radiation.

To give customers the best impression of items displayed under artificial lights, jewelry, silk, fine woven fabrics, carpets, oriental rugs, and clothing all need to be shown under true color lamps. PROMOLUX low radiation lighting combines superior color rendering with reduced harmful radiation and brings out the full, natural range of color in fabrics, cosmetics, leathers and jewelery displays,

Low Radiation Balanced Spectrum Lighting is Safe and Profitable

Visual Merchandising Display Case LightingSensitive merchandise displayed under lights in display cases suffer damage from the effects of heat and light radiation caused by infrared and ultraviolet rays, and everyday lighting is often too bright and frequently produces washed out colors with strong yellow and green portions of the visible spectrum.

The most effective retail lighting design will always include lamps that display goods to their best advantage. When it’s important to distinguish between slightly different shades of color, for matching clothing colors or selecting precious gems, accurate color perception depends upon the lamp's color spectrum. PROMOLUX lamps are color balanced and properly display clear natural colors without introducing high levels of yellows and greens to produce the illusion of brightness.

Jewelers are always faced with the challenge of illuminating their gems and jewelry displays with an artificial light source that approximates natural light. Diamonds are graded and valued according to their whiteness and purity, and trying to buy or sell them under a light that is too yellow or too green will have a considerable negative impact on their retail value.

Products like cosmetics cannot be sold once they have been on display, since the colors fade drastically under fluorescent lighting or natural light. When a single leather glove or shoe is exposed to light in the display case, it can become so faded that it no longer matches its partner and the pair cannot be sold.

Dyed textiles are vulnerable to damage from light and UV radiation. Under either natural or artificial light, photochemical changes occur and sensitive blue, green and purple dyes can fade quickly. More damage occurs to the fibres which weaken when not cared for properly, particularly when the lighting produces high heat.

PROMOLUX lighting protects the quality of sensitive products for as long as possible and minimizes the effects of heat and light radiation damage.

To improve your retail displays, get more information about how to include PROMOLUX lighting in your merchandising strategy. Always specify PROMOLUX Balanced Spectrum technology.

Why install PROMOLUX in your Display Cases?

PROMOLUX lamps apply Balanced Spectrum technology, a proprietary phosphor-coating process that produces a natural, balanced light and filters out damaging ultraviolet, infrared and visible spectrum wavelengths. Natural colors remain true with PROMOLUX display case lamps, which emit lower levels of ultraviolet radiation than other commercial lighting commonly found in retail stores, making these display case lamps the perfect lighting choice for visual merchandising industries.

PROMOLUX low UV and low heat lamps protect art work from damage while the lights are on, even at close range. Oil paintings, photographs, sculptures and works of art all look true to life and the colors are represented as the artists intended.

Look for the lamp with the highest Color Preference Index (CPI) rating of any lamp in the market PROMOLUX lamps are coated with phosphors previously used only for television picture tubes. Such phosphors are much more expensive than those used in regular lamps ($700 a pound vs. $40 a pound), and offer the highest quality color rendering available in any merchandising lamp.

Learn more about how to use PROMOLUX high color definition specialty lamps.

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